Struggling with Overwhelm

Oct 27, 2020Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health

Dear Lucretia I feel so overwhelmed

Dear Lucretia,

I feel sad, tired and overwhelmed most of the time. It’s been going on for about a year and I just can’t seem to change things. What can I do?

Talita, 16 years old

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Dear Talita, 
The last 12 months have been really hard for a lot of people and world events have taken a heavy toll on mental health generally.

It sounds like it’s time you got some support to help you work through what is happening for you. We all need support sometimes and it’s important to reach out and ask for it because people don’t always notice what we’re going through. This isn’t because they don’t care. Instead, we can get so wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t see what is happening right in front of us. 

If you’re still at school, please talk to a teacher you can trust or a school counsellor to let them know you are struggling. They will be able to give you support and help you access other resources. 

I’m also wondering if you have a trusted friend you can talk to. Knowing there is another person out there who is in your corner and willing to listen, can make all the difference. 

We all feel down sometimes and that’s when we need strategies to help us get through to a place where we feel happier and more able to cope with things. 

I know you feel alone right now, but I can assure you there are people around you who care a lot about your wellbeing. You just need to ask for their help and they will give it willingly and eagerly.

Lots of love,

Lucretia’s guidance should be regarded as personal opinion only and does not constitute qualified, professional advice regarding psychological situations. If you require this type of advice, please seek the services of a professional in that field.

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