How to Recover when you Screw Up

Oct 27, 2020Anxiety, Mental Health, Work & Career

dear lucretia, how to recover when you screw up

Dear Lucretia,

This week I made a mistake at work and got into a bit of trouble because of it. Now I’m worried that my colleagues don’t like me and talk badly about me behind my back. I’m starting to get anxiety attacks when going to work in the mornings, partly because I’m afraid to make mistakes again. What can I do to feel more comfortable?

Cassie, 22 years old

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Dear Cassie, 
What if I told you that making mistakes is a good thing? When we try something and it doesn’t work, we expand and this is positive. I am sure your colleagues have made many mistakes during their lives and, if they believe they are perfect, the Universe will soon remind them of their innate humanness.

Humans who try to be perfect all the time are doomed to fail. It is much better to accept that sometimes you will stuff up and that’s okay. The most important thing is you learn from it and keep going.

If you need more information or resources to help improve your performance, then don’t be afraid to ask. A good supervisor loves it when an employee owns their mistakes and is keen to get it right next time.

Lastly, always remember that most people spend most of their time thinking about themselves and their own challenges. It’s quite possible that your colleagues are not thinking about you at all. But, if they are, it doesn’t matter because what you think about yourself is the most important thing.

Lots of love,

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