How Can I feel Happier?

Oct 27, 2020Depression, Mental Health

Dear Lucretia how can I feel happier?

Dear Lucretia,

How can I feel happier about myself and what’s coming? I’ve been depressed for such a long time and I don’t look forward to anything anymore. I don’t know what to do.

Kirralee, 19 years old

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Dear Kirralee, 
Depression is such a challenging condition to overcome – but it’s not impossible. The most important thing is to call in as much support as you can and be willing to get to the bottom of what is causing you to feel this way.

You need a support crew and some strategies to help you during this journey. Find a good counsellor or psychologist who you feel understands you. You might have to try a couple before you find the right one and that’s okay. Then you need to be honest about how you really feel, without shame. You are a good person with a hefty problem that you need to work through so let the counsellor or psychologist guide you through the process. 

Part of this process will involve getting to know yourself more. I find that journaling is a great way to honestly explore who you are and how you feel. There is a wonderful freedom that comes from writing in a journal, by hand, when you know that no one else will ever see it. Write a little every day and you will be helping to clear out all the noisy and unhelpful thoughts in your head. 

Lastly, I want you to focus on the things that bring you joy and every night, before you go to bed, I want you to write down three things that went well during the day. It doesn’t matter how small or big these things are. Just write down three every night. This will help your mind focus more on the positive things in your life. 

Kirralee, you are a beautiful human being and I’m so glad you reached out for some advice. I hope it helps.

Lots of love,

Lucretia’s guidance should be regarded as personal opinion only and does not constitute qualified, professional advice regarding psychological situations. If you require this type of advice, please seek the services of a professional in that field.

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